It's been awhile since we've had an all "Happy Birthday to you..." edition of the Calendar; doesn't happen too often, but it's nice when it does. Good ones today. Enjoy!

Grumpy Birthday
Aug. 27, 1977: a twenty-seven-year-old cat celebrates her birthday. More or less. (Photo: Colin Davey/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

5/10/1946 - Happy Birthday to Donovan Philips Leitch, 71 years old today -- Credit where credit is due: when The British Invasion took over, Donovan was a pretty unique figure with an eclectic/distinctive style of writing and performing that separated him quite nicely from his peers, making him a pioneer, really, by blending folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia and world music sounds like calypso. While most other acts were trying to imitate the pop of The Beatles or the blues-sass of The Stones, Donovan was trail-blazing his own path: nobody else was making records that sounded like "Season Of The Witch", "Hurdy Gurdy Man", "Atlantis", "Sunshine Superman" or "Mellow Yellow" -- So, yeah, you really should acquire a copy of "Donovan's Greatest Hits", trust us, your music collection will be much happier with that one in the mix... 

5/10/1947 - Happy Birthday to one of our favorites from the sadly-underrated-artists list, the supremely talented Jay Ferguson, 70 years old today -- It's a shame that he's probably best known for his 1978 solo hit "Thunder Island"; that's okay-pop, all fine and good, but it was Jay's work with psychedelic masterminds Spirit that best exemplifies his talents as singer-songwriter, especially the must-have 1970 cult classic "Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus" which, 47 years later, is still capable of blowing your brains out. Nice stuff!

5/10/1960 - Happy Birthday to Paul Hewson, better known as Bono, 57 years old today -- Sings with U2 who aren't half-bad at all...

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