Zep are unstoppable, really... -- Starship get billed for a freebie... -- Neil Young is an insect!!!

Desert Trip - Weekend 1 - Day 2
Neil Young at Desert Trip, Indio, California, Oct. 2016. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

5/12/1973 (47 years ago today) - It's their third U.S. No. 1 album: "Houses Of The Holy" by Led Zeppelin starts three weeks at the top of the charts -- Thanks to future-classic tracks "Over The Hills And Far Away", "D'Yer Maker", "Dancing Days", "The Song Remains The Same", "The Ocean", "No Quarter" and "The Rain Song" (by the way, can we just insert a simple Holy Moley here: all those on this one LP!), the disc ends up spending 39 uninterrupted weeks on the chart, and at last count, "HOTH" has sold over 11 million copies in America alone!!!

5/12/1975 (45 years ago today) - Upside: Jefferson Starship give a free concert performance for 60,000 fans at Central Park in New York City. Downside: The band and radio concert sponsor WNEW-FM have to cough up $15,000 for clean-up and damage to the park post-event. Ain't no such thing as "for free"...

5/12/2008 (12 years ago today) - From the "But, of course..." Dept.: Neil Young officially gets a spider named after him! It's true -- East Carolina University biologist Jason Bond discovered a new species of "trapdoor spider", which meant he got to decide what to name it, so why not after his favorite musician -- Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi was found in Jefferson County, Alabama, just one year earlier.

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