A special All Birthday edition of your calendar today...

Happy Birthday
(Photo: George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

5/13/1945 - Happy Birthday Richard Salwitz, a.k.a. Magic Dick, legendary harmonica maestro for The J. Geils Band; 75 years old today.

5/13/1946 - Happy Birthday Danny "D.K." Klein, long time/original bass player for The J. Geils Band; 74 years old today.

5/13/1950 - Happy Birthday to the one and only Stevie Wonder, who has got to be on The Top Ten list of the most influential singer-songwriters since the early 1960's; 70 years old today.

5/13/1951 - Happy Birthday to a great rock drummer who is both underrated-yet-still-highly-regarded-by-his peers, original Roxy Music percussionist Paul Thompson; 68 years old today.

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"I've done a lot of foolish things/That I didn't really mean...", xoxo!


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