Was it Zimmy's first "hit"(?) -- Did CSN& Y over-do it(?) -- Who sez ya need a Side 2 to go mega(?)...

Asia debut LP, cover art by Roger Dean; March 1982. (Courtesy of Geffen Records)

5/15/1965 (53 years ago today) -"Johnny's in the basement/Mixing up the medicine....": Bob Dylan scores his first Top 40 hit when "Subterranean Homesick Blues" peaks at No. 39 on the Billboard Top 40 singles chart -- Oh, it made an impression all right, as John Lennon found the track so captivating he was quoted as saying that he had no idea how he would be able to write a song that could even begin to compete with it! John did produce a raucous version for Nilsson's "Pussy Cats" album (1974), but that project was maligned by booze, booze and more booze...

5/15/1971 (47 years ago today) - It's one of the reasons punks found hippies boring...: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young score their second consecutive No. 1 album with the double-live set "4 Way Street" -- Featuring performances recorded at The Fillmore East in New York City and L.A.'s Forum, these two records were of alarmingly dubious quality, patched together with each member taking a solo turn (Stephen and Neil manage to sound somewhat into it, but...), that's followed by some yawn-inducing electric jamming which was maybe intended to be cool, man -- Considering CSN&Y's reputation, by 2018 standards this journey sounds tentative and under-rehearsed.

5/15/1982 (36 years ago today) - Asia's self-titled debut went to No. 1 where it remained for a reasonably impressive nine weeks in a row -- By the end of the year, it turned out to be the biggest selling album of 1982! -- Just a coupla things, here: how/when did this record get to be close to 40, and has anyone ever listened to Side Two?

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