Today it's an "All Hail The Sixties!" edition of the calendar. Good stuff.

Happy Hearts Club
May 19th(!), 1967 Photo by John Pratt/Keystone/Getty Images.

5/18/1966 (52 years ago today) - Definition of "Rarity": The Castiles, with a 16-year-old Bruce Springsteen on vocals, made their first recordings at Mr. Music Inc., in Brick Town, New Jersey -- Two Springsteen originals, "Baby I" and "That's What You Get", were cut directly to disc, of which only seven or eight test pressings of the studio takes were made. Ain't nuthin' better than vinyl, we still say...

5/18/1967 (51 years ago today) - Summing up "The Summer Of Love": On this date, The Beatles were chosen to represent the UK for the first-ever global-wide satellite broadcast -- The boys agreed to be shown in the studio recording a song written especially for the occasion, which was going to be (literally) shown all around the world, including many (many!) non-English speaking countries -- With that in mind, The Beatles were asked to "keep it simple", so John Lennon came up with "All You Need Is Love", which they had time to work out as the taping for the show wasn't scheduled to happen until June 25th. Another first for The Fab Four, of course!

5/18/1968 (50 years ago today) - Over 100,000 people attend the first Miami Pop Festival, promoted by Richard O'Barry and soon-to-be-famous-for-putting-"Woodstock"-together Michael Lang -- It's a definitive '60's line-up, kids, with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Steppenwolf, The Mothers Of Invention, Blue Cheer, Three Dog Night and Chuck Berry among the artists performing over the two-day event. Once again, we plead for an actual working Time Machine to help us out here...

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