How to absolutely kill one's career, courtesy of The Killer himself... -- Macca takes it as a challenge... -- John Lennon, Elvis, Michael Jackson: OK, so whose stuff sold for the highest price?

Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis, Feb. 1977. (Photo: Graham Wood/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

5/22/1958 (61 years ago today) - Jerry Lee Lewis arrived at Heathrow Airport in London to begin his headlining tour of Great Britain -- "The Killer" also brought along his new bride (and 14-year-old third cousin) Myra, and although he was advised not to go into it, Lewis decided that, yeah, he would answer any and all questions about his private life -- Doh! The public's shock of Jerry's matrimonial state was atomic: the tour was cancelled after just three of the 37 scheduled performances. Career-wise? Never recovered, really...

5/22/1976 (43 years ago today) - Wings start five weeks at No. 1 with the unabashedly smarmy classic "Silly Love Songs", Paul McCartney's fifth chart-topping single since the break-up of The Beatles -- A blatant in-your-face/boppy-poppy/humdinger-of-a-sing-along, its very specific purpose was to drive his critics batty: Paul had been relentlessly chastised by the music press and former songwriting partner John Lennon for writing "lightweight s--t", so Macca came up with this track as a response to all that criticism. Ha!

5/22/2016 (3 years ago today) - A guitar given to Elvis Presley by his father Vernon was sold at a New York auction for a reasonably hefty $334,000 -- Dad changed the finish on the Gibson Dove to black after his son earned his black belt in karate (Elvis later gave the instrument away to a fan during a 1975 show in North Carolina) -- Auctioneer's Julien's also sold Michael Jackson's red neoprene vinyl jacket from his 1996-'97 HIStory World Tour for $256,000, but the biggest pay-out was for John Lennon's hand-written lyrics to The Beatles' "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite", which sold for a whoppin' $354,000!!! We know, again with The Beatles!!! That's just the way it is, baby...

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