Macca does it all!!! -- Terrible song explained... -- They're gonna play how many shows...???

Cover of Paul McCartney's first solo album, April 1970. (Courtesy of Apple/Capitol Records)
Cover of Paul McCartney's first solo album, April 1970. (Courtesy of Apple/Capitol Records)

5/23/1970 (47 years ago today) - It doesn't get more D.I.Y. than this...: Paul McCartney's first post-Beatles solo album, "McCartney", starts three weeks at No. 1 -- Except for a few minor vocal bits from wife Linda, Paul composed, performed, engineered, recorded and mixed the entire album all by himself!!! "Maybe I'm Amazed", "That Would Be Something" and "Every Night" were totally classic Macca, and the rest of the album was wonderfully weird and playful, a great follow-up to the "back-to-basics" style Paul had envisioned for The Beatles' "Let It Be" album --  Kinda scoffed at when initially released, "McCartney" has aged extremely well, and remains one of his most significantly satisfying works...

5/23/1973 (44 years ago today) - The blame begins right here...: Jefferson Airplane were prevented from giving a free concert in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park when city authorities quickly (and quite-under-the-radar) passed a resolution "banning electronic instruments from being played outdoors"!!! The group would later write "We Built This City" about said ban. As a piece of scathing revenge, this one was exceptionally limp, so here's a reminder of why we loved 'em in the first place and Thank You, Grace Slick: 

5/22/1978 (39 years ago today) - Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band kicked off their "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" Tour at Shea's Buffalo, in Buffalo, New York -- It was the first gig of what would turn out to be {deep breath} a total of 117 shows!!! Tickets cost around $5.50. Really.

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