Bowie goes "Woof!" -- Genesis in the trenches... -- Happy Zimmyday!!!

(Courtesy of RCA Records)
(Courtesy of RCA Records)

5/24/1974 (44 years ago today) - David Bowie released his eighth studio album, "Diamond Dogs" -- Pretty solid rock stuff, with the Dame still in pseudo-sci-fi mode: there's a nod to George Orwell's "1984", the creepy, sounds-effects-drenched "Future Legend"-intro to the ferocious title cut, the classic pop singalong "Rebel Rebel" and the bizarrely titled "Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family", which sounds like a happy nightmare. This was {maybe} his last 'real' rock record; "Station To Station" and the Berlin trilogy are just a few months away, and even when David was just cleaning house, he was still a hundred times more intriguing than his peers. Plus there's that unsettling Guy Peellaert artwork for the album cover, as disturbing as anything else out there. We love Bowie!!!

5/24/1980 (38 years ago today) - There's "cool", then there's "wicked cool", which this is: When Genesis fans show up at the Roxy Club box office in L.A. to buy tickets for a forthcoming gig, they are gob-smacked to find band members Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford selling the tickets themselves! Hands on, indeed...

5/24/1941 - Where would we be without him?: Born on this day, Robert Zimmerman, 77 years old today, so it's Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan -- When he first visited Sun Studio in Memphis, Bob got on his knees and kissed the studio floor where Elvis made his first recordings. Tells ya all ya need to know...

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