Three different super-catchy classic hit singles that went to Numero Uno on this date, and, yes, we really do love each one...

Picture sleeve for "Brown Sugar" single, April 1971. (Courtesy of Rolling Stones Records)

5/29/1961 (58 years ago today) - Sam Cooke said "No, thank you" to this, so Ricky Nelson recorded it instead, and on this date "Travellin' Man" hit No. 1 on the singles chart -- Meanwhile, over in England, the equally legendary "Hello Mary Lou" (written by Gene Pitney) was the 45-single 'flip-side' to "Travellin' Man", making it one of the rare double-A sided singles to top the charts in Britain where it was a bigger-than-biggy-big-big-massive success! -- Yeah, maybe it's a tad corny to admit liking those old Ricky Nelson singles, but we don't care if that's whatcha think either...

5/29/1965 (54 years ago today) - Gotta rarity for ya to dig up, read on...: The Beach Boys start two weeks at No. 1 on this date with "Help Me, Rhonda", their second U.S. chart-topping single. According to legend, the story goes that the recording session was interrupted by the Wilson brothers' abusive, drunken father Murray, who stormed into the studio to crtiticize...well, just about everything, he was a real jerk. Supposedly, the reel-to-reel machine was left recording while this situation was going on, and there are hard core Beach Boy fans out there that actually have this entire escapade on tape!

5/29/1971 (48 years ago today) - The Rolling Stones are about to enjoy two weeks at No. 1 with the first single released on their own label, Rolling Stones Records: "Brown Sugar" was their sixth U.S. No. 1 (weirdly, it only went to No. 2 in the U.K.!?!?), and the groove, the riff, the drums, the vocal, the sax solo, all of it was so friggin' perfectly executed, that radio stations didn't seem to mind that the song was (really) a perverted salute to (and essentially, just a laundry-list of) taboo subjects, from interracial sex, cunnilingus, slave rape, sadomasochism, lost virginity and heroin use. Way to go boys!!!

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