Stones, Beatles 'n Bruce...ya don't need anything else. True that!

Original line-up, 1964. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)
Original line-up, 1964. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

5/2/1964 (55 years ago today) - Really, one of the greatest debut albums EVER!!!: It ends up spending 51 consecutive weeks on the U.K. LP chart, and on this date it began a 12-week-run {do the math} in Britain at the No. 1 spot -- The Rolling Stones self-titled first-release is a thing of beauty, the definitive blueprint for absolutely everything that followed, an ingeniously subtle masterpiece, and a must-have album, no question. Coincidentally on this same day, The Stones made their first appearance on the American charts when their cover of Buddy Holly's"Not Fade Away" entered the singles listings at...Number 98! 

5/2/1969 (50 years ago today) - ...and Billy Preston played piano: The Beatles recorded George Harrison's "Something" at Abbey Road studios in London. They got it 36 takes!!!

5/2/1972 (47 years ago today) - So, this guy he auditioned for also was responsible for signing up Bob Dylan???: A rather young and lean Bruce Springsteen plays a short set for CBS A&R guru John Hammond at the labels New York City offices. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Hammond pretty much gets knocked on his ass, enough to arrange a "real" audition for Columbia executives that same night at N.Y.C.'s Gaslight Club. Bruce is on his way...

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