Today you got some real classic releases, all pretty impressive, all legendary, and all sharing this date in rock history, to which we say "Neat-O!!!"

(Courtesy of ABC/Dunhill Records)
(Courtesy of ABC/Dunhill Records)

5/7/1966 (54 years ago today) - The Mama's And The Papa's start a three week run at No. 1 on the singles chart with "Monday Monday", a song that everybody in the group said they hated(!) except for John Phillips who wrote the darn thing which (pseudo-ironically) goes on to win the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal By A Group. Whatcha gone do...

5/7/1972 (48 years ago today) - The Rolling Stones release the second album on their own label, the double-vinyl-set masterpiece "Exile On Main Street" -- Strangely receiving mixed reviews upon its release, it has since rightfully earned its reputation as One Of The Best Records Of All-Time, which it no doubt is and every track's a gem: "Tumbling Dice", "All Down The Line", "Rip This Joint", "Sweet Virginia", "Rocks Off", "Let It Loose", "Happy", "Shine A Light" -- Definitely one of those records that could only have been made by The Stones, not The Beatles, not The Who, not Dylan, etc...simply astonishing and still capable of taking your breath away...

5/7/1977 (43 years ago today) - The Eagles hit No. 1 on the U.S. singles chart with the title track to "Hotel California": It's the group's fourth chart-topping single; meanwhile the album goes to No. 1 in America, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, racking up sales of over 32 million worldwide (16 million in the U.S. alone) -- Side-note: While the band was recording the LP at Miami's Criteria Studios, they were forced to stop rolling tape on numerous occasions because Black Sabbath were in an adjacent studio working on their "Technical Ecstasy" album and apparently, Sabbath were playing so loud, the sound was bleeding through the studio walls!

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