Paul vs. Putin! -- Elvis' boots! -- Belushi destroys!

President Richard Nixon meets with Elvis Presley
Reality, 12/21/70. (National Archive/Getty Images)

11/14/2013 (6 years ago today) - Paul McCartney posted a letter on his web site asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to release 30 Greenpeace activists that Russian authorities had arrested during a protest over Arctic oil drilling in September -- Must have had some influence, as all the activists involved had their charges dropped three months later...

11/14/2015 (4 years ago today) - A pair of white boots worn by Elvis Presley during his legendary 1968 Comeback TV Special were purchased by a British rock and roll memorabilia collector for the hefty sum of $44,500! Elvis was wearing the Verde boots (size 11) while performing "If I Can Dream", just two months after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination; the song's lyrics featured quotes from the civil rights leader.

11/14/1951 - Happy Birthday to singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop, 68 years old today -- "On And On" was the biggie, and we're fans of the movie "Tootsie" (1977, let's give it up for Jessica Lange by the way) which he wrote the theme for, but our favorite Bishop moment though, hands down, is in "Animal House" (1978), where Steven's strumming his guitar on the stairs, singing "I gave my love a cherry..." to fawning female students, when John Belushi comes along, tears the guitar out of his hands, and smashes it to smithereens!!! Living vicariously sure pays off here...

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