Doors, Stones, Janis: today it's an extra-cool/ya-just-can't-go-wrong All Sixties edition of the calendar...

Young Jagger Sings
Mick; Stones show, May 1965. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

11/15/1965 (54 years ago today) - The Rolling Stones make their U.S. television debut on NBC's "Hullabaloo", performing "Get Off Of My Cloud" and "She Said Yeah" -- While the mid-'60's TV "rock shows" were somewhat ghastly in their condescension, they still managed to get some of the best bands on for us. It's kinda funny and strange though, how the entertainment industry mucky-mucks continue to stumble and bumble with how best to showcase "the popular chart artists of the day". (Hopefully, they'll never get it right, but in the meantime, it's lots of fun to go back and have a look...):


11/15/1966 (53 years ago today) - The Doors sign a deal with Elektra Records to produce seven albums; somewhat reluctantly, they "agreed" to release "Break On Through" as the first single. Controversy from the get-go: in order to secure radio airplay, the song was issued in somewhat edited form -- Jim's singing "She gets high/She gets high/She gets high" is changed to "She gets../She gets../She gets.." (no beep or backward masking; they just leave it out entirely!). And we're off...

11/15/1969 (50 years ago today) - Janis Joplin is arrested during a gig in Tampa, Florida; seems she was upset at the way police were forcibly directing fans back to their seats. Taking matters into her own hands (always a good idea...), she proceeds to call one of the detectives a "son of a bitch" and threatens to kick his face in -- Predictably, Janis is removed from the stage and charged with using "vulgar and indecent language"; she is later released on $504 bail.

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