A quick look at the charts on today's Coffee Break Calendar tells you all you need to know about why the Sixties will always kick the Eighties' ass...

Hendrix Experience
The Jimi Hendrix Experience, c 1967. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

11/16/1968 (52 years ago today) - Oh, it's only one of the greatest pieces of music ever recorded in the history of mankind, a fact that can't be never be altered by anything...: The Jimi Hendrix Experience go to No. 1 with the double-album masterpiece "Electric Ladyland" -- Any one of the four sides can still take you places most other rock albums can barely scrape the surface of -- "All Along The Watchtower", "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", "Gypsy Eyes", "1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)", "The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp" -- Good Lord, frankly, if your collection does not include this release, you should re-assess what the hell it is that you're doing with your life...

11/16/1974 (46 years ago today) - John Lennon hits No. 1 with the infectious classic single "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" -- Elton John plays piano, contributes backing vocals and says he knows the track is going to be hit, so he makes a deal with John: if the song goes to No. 1, Lennon would have to appear live onstage with Elton. John kept his side of the deal on Nov. 28, performing at Madison Square Garden with Elton and band -- They do three songs together: "I Saw Her Standing There", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" -- The audience goes nuts, and there's a bit of a bonus for John, too: after their temporary split, backstage he re-unites with Yoko Ono.

11/16/1985 (35 years ago today) - The definition of "Ugh!": Starship kick off two weeks in a row at No. 1 on the singles chart with "We Built This City". Kinda sad.

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