The Grim Reaper presents: Jimi's first boss, The Quiet Beatle, and (maybe) the best One-Hit Wonder...ever???

Four Eyed Beatle
George Harrison tries on wax eyes at Madame Tussaud's museum, March 1964. (Keystone/Getty Images)

11/29/1999 (20 years ago today) - Soul-singer-bandleader Curtis Knight passed away, age 54 -- Jimi Hendrix had been a member of his band The Squires in the early '60's, and although his time as the group's guitarist didn't last too long, really, Jimi was featured on over 60 songs (studio and live recordings), most of which have been released to the public. Curtis, meanwhile, maintained his connection to the guitar legend even after Jimi's demise, writing "Jimi: An Intimate Biography Of Jimi Hendrix" which was published in 1974.

11/29/2001 (18 years ago today) - Beatles guitarist George Harrison died of lung cancer in Los Angeles, age 58 -- Were it not for "The Quiet One", it is extremely unlikely that such one-time exotica like sitars and meditation would have made it into the public mainstream consciousness. Then there's "All Things Must Pass", the best solo Beatles record of them all. We miss George a lot...

11/29/2013 (6 years ago today) - So that's who that was!: From the "For Those Who Also Served" Dept., we gotta mention musician Dick Dodd, who passed away from cancer at age 68 -- Who dat? Dick was the drummer and vocalist for The Standells, best known for the classic "Dirty Water", one of rock's greatest one-hit wonders -- Even though the refrain "Boston, you're my home" has made the tune much beloved as a New England sports anthem of sorts, the band were, in fact, from L.A., but they do really belong to us, don't they?

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