Three different decades / Three different No. 1's that have, well, absolutely nothing else in common...

(Courtesy of London/Decca Records)
(Courtesy of London/Decca Records)

11/6/1965 (53 years ago today) - The Rolling Stones start two weeks at the top with their second U.S. No. 1 single "Get Off Of My Cloud", especially notable for knocking The Beatles' "Yesterday" out of the No. 1 position. (FYI, the first Stones No. 1 was "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" in July 1965. Doh!) Enjoy some of Mick's best lyrics, too:

11/6/1971 (47 years ago today) - This time it's Cher's turn to spend two weeks at No. 1 with "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves", her first chart-topper as a solo artist by the way. Whatever else you might think of her, Cher worked hard to earn her icon status, and this was way, way, way before Madonna, et al, so hey, where credit is due y'know...

11/6/1982 (36 years ago today) - Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker (remember, he was once-upon-a-time a mighty rock 'n' roll dude) get started on three weeks at No. 1 with "Up Where We Belong", the theme from the Richard Gere/Debra Winger movie which (too) many of us got dragged into the theater to...sit through. Whadda we know? The song sold over a million in the U.S. alone, both Cocker and Warnes won Grammy's for their performance, as did songwriters Jack Nitzsche (a long time collaborator with Neil Young), Buffy St. Marie and Will Jennings (who co-wrote most of Steve Winwood's '80's hits); it also won the Academy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Song, along with being recognized by the Recording Industry Association of America as "one of the Songs of the Century". This is why I'm not allowed to pick "hits"...Again, whadda we know?

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