Zep 'n' Bowie 'n' Bonnie. Nice! Cheers!

Zep IV LP cover; released Nov. 8, 1971. (Courtesy of Atlantic Records)

11/8/1971 (47 years ago today) - With no title or band name on the album cover (they didn't want to get "pigeon-holed" by the press), Led Zeppelin's much anticipated fourth studio effort is unleashed on this date -- Generally referred to as "Led Zeppelin IV", it's also been affectionately titled "ZoSo", a reference to to the four symbols that appear on the inner sleeve, supposedly representing each band member -- Since there's not much to add to what's already been written about the music, let's go with the artwork on the front: it was a 19th century rustic oil painting that was purchased by Robert Plant from an antique shop (or "shoppe") in Reading, England, a trivia fact that might come in handy somehow, someway, someday...

11/8/1975 (43 years ago today) - David Bowie {finally} makes his U.S. television debut, performing "Fame" on Cher's CBS-TV show -- The song was one of those "happy accidents in the studio", the result of a jam session with John Lennon when the ex-Beatle was living in New York City -- At the time, Bowie supposedly didn't think much of it, saying he didn't really know how to go about writing hit singles! Words of wisdom, actually...

11/8/1949 - Happy Birthday to Bonnie Raitt, 69 years old today -- Collectively as humans on the planet, we should be honored and humbled to listen to her play a slide guitar solo on any given day. Let's face it, calling her a true pioneer barely touches the surface...She's pretty rippin' on this one:

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