Elvis becomes the 3rd, Stone mag's 50, and a female artist you need to get to know more about......

Miriam Makeba
Miriam Makeba, 1978. (Keystone/Getty Images)

11/9/1958 (60 years ago today) - Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" exceeds three million copies sold in the U.S.A., becoming only the third 45-rpm single to do so! The other two? Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" and "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Gene Autry, which is quite lofty/classic company when you get right down to it.

11/9/1967 (51 years ago today) - The magazine has since been sold to another publishing house, but back in the day it was a big friggin' deal, no doubt about it: First published in San Francisco on borrowed money, the debut issue of Rolling Stone hits news stands with John Lennon on the cover wearing Army fatigues (he was playing a role in the film "How I Won The War") -- The name of the magazine was a hybrid of three counter-culture sources at the time: the Muddy Waters song, Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and....The Rolling Stones themselves, of course. Fact: this first issue also came with a free roach clip!

11/9/2008 (10 years ago today) - Trust us, she's definitely worth looking up: the totally unique and fantastic Miriam Makeba passed away from a heart attack at the age of 76, and here's why you need to know about her...In the 1960's she was the very first artist from Africa to popularize that country's music all around the world; her best known song was "Pata Pata", which went to No. 12 here in America in 1967 (an amazing year to look back at) -- Among her many notable achievements was becoming the first African woman to win a Grammy (Best Folk Recording in 1966 with Harry Belafonte for "An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba"), as well as touring with ex-husband musician/band-leader Hugh Masakela and later on with Paul Simon! Ahead of her time politically, too: Miriam campaigned against the South African system of apartheid (about twenty years before Bono and Little Steven) and the South African government responded by revoking her passport in 1960 and then her citizenship and right to return in 1963, the year she released her landmark LP "The World Of Miriam Makeba", likely the first recorded attempt at showcasing what would become known as "world music". Amazing stuff to listen to still...

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