Some Pre-Fab 4 era singles were actually really cool, like this one; meanwhile, Zimmy absolutely nails it and Zep finally makes an appearance on the family Tee-Wee! A fantastic Friday Rocktober 23rd Coffee Break Calendar for you today...

Led Zeppelin with jet
Led Zeppelin and their private jet, The Starship, 1973. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

10/23/1961 (59 years ago today) - Proof there was some good stuff going on before The British Invasion: Dion starts two weeks at No. 1 with the totally infectious classic "Runaround Sue". We dare you not to sing along. Can't be done.

10/23/1963 (57 years ago today) - Heavily influenced by his favorite Irish and Scottish ballads, the song was written as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem for the time, and it worked beautifully -- On this date in New York City's Columbia Studios, Bob Dylan recorded "The Times They Are A-Changin'". Need a definition of a musical "milestone"? This is it.

10/23/1976 (44 years ago today) - They had been together for over eight years, but had never before performed live on American TV...until tonight: Led Zeppelin make their U.S. television debut on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert -- They perform "Black Dog" and "Dazed And Confused", and even though it was really, really cool to see our band in Mom and Dad's living room, it didn't prove anything we didn't already know, y'know? The Kirshner footage is virtually impossible to find, but this gem from '76 is fuzzily better anyway:

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