Floyd's Halloween treat! -- A day of Grace! -- A ? hits No. 1!

Pink Floyd "Meddle" LP cover, Oct. 1971. (Courtesy of Harvest/Capitol Records)
Pink Floyd "Meddle" LP cover, Oct. 1971. (Courtesy of Harvest/Capitol Records)

10/30/1971 (47 years ago today) - Perfect time of year to release this one: Pink Floyd unleash their sixth studio album "Meddle", which opens with the fantastically creepy {and mostly} instrumental track "One Of These Days" and features the eerie 23-minute epic spookfest "Echoes" (which takes up all of Side 2!) -- To complete the sense of overall unnerving weirdness is the album cover photo, taken by Floyd pal Bob Dowling: oh, it's a human ear all right, underwater, collecting waves of sound represented by ripples in the water. Far-out, man!

10/30/1939 - She started out as a model, you know: Happy Birthday Grace Slick, 79 years old today -- Born Grace Barnett Wing in Highland Park, Illinois, her family moved to the San Francisco area in the late 1950's and it wouldn't take long for Grace to find her calling -- In August 1965, she hooked up with a band called The Great Society, for whom she composed and performed the classic "White Rabbit" -- Before the year was out, bassist Jack Casady (of up-and-coming scene-stealers Jefferson Airplane) asked Grace to replace their just-departed female singer. This "new" line-up of the Airplane then goes in the studio to record the infamous psychedelic masterpiece album "Surrealistic Pillow"; it's rock stardom and a place in music history from this moment on -- In 1969 the band appears on "The Dick Cavett Show", the highlight of which is Grace becoming the first person to say "motherf---er" on TV (during a performance of "We Can Be Together"). The fact is/was, that Grace truly never ever cared what anyone thought of her, like a true icon should. Bravo!!!

10/30/1982 (36 years ago today) - We're trying to remember why this record was such a mega-selling/big-friggin'-deal, but we can't come up with anything!: Australian import Men At Work hit No. 1 in the U.S. twice on this date: "Who Can It Be Now?" topped the singles chart and the LP from which it came, "Business as Usual", was the No. 1 album, remaining in the top spot for 15 weeks in a row(!), a record at the time for a debut release...

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