Stones cover Beatles! -- Mama was a rock star! -- Johnny beats Tricky Dick! Your Wednesday Coffee Break Calendar's not afraid to tell it like it is, er, was...

Mama & Papas In Bed
3/4 of The Mamas & Papas; L-R, John Phillips, Mama Cass Elliott, Denny Doherty; June 1966. (Express/Getty Images)

10/7/1963 (57 years ago today) - In London, The Rolling Stones record Lennon and McCartney's "I Wanna Be Your Man", infamously written in the corner of a club where The Stones had been performing -- John and Paul knocked it out in a matter of minutes and they simply gave it to Mick and Keith who decided right-then-and-there to start writing some of their own stuff too, not just cover the blues 'n' Berry.  A turning point for sure... 

10/7/1967 (53 years ago today) - Classic rock star antics, didn't know she had it in her, actually: Mama Cass Elliott of The Mamas & Papas ends up spending the night in a London jail after being accused of stealing from a hotel. Both a TV and concert appearance by the band had to be cancelled.

10/7/1976 (44 years ago today) - Two days before his 36th birthday, at a hearing in a New York City courtroom, John Lennon was finally awarded his Green Card, giving him permanent residency status in the U.S. -- The three judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that his 1968 arrest in Britain for marijuana possession was "contrary to U.S. ideas of due process and was invalid as a means of banishing the former Beatle from America". In other words, after President Nixon and his cronies spent years trying to deport the politically-minded Lennon from getting American youth all riled up, the U.S. government had to sit back and suck it. Suck it hard.

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