This radio "No-No" officially becomes law... -- The Fab Four didn't want this one released as a single in England! -- Cool idea for an '80's chart-topper?

(Courtesy of Capitol Records)
(Courtesy of Capitol Records)

9/13/1960 (58 years ago today) - No more slipping something under the turntables...: The United States Federal Communications Act was amended to outlaw payments of cash or gifts in exchange for airplay of records. We're okay with this.

9/13/1965 (53 years ago today) - The Beatles released "Yesterday" as a single here in the U.S. -- Paul McCartney's vocal/acoustic guitar/string quartet performance was regarded by the band as being so different from everything else they had done up to this point, they decided it would be best to not release it as a single in England! Oh, it ultimately was issued as single in their homeland, but not until 1976!

9/13/1986 (32 years ago today) - What, the band didn't have another song good enough for the flip?: Berlin went to No. 1 on the singles chart with "Take My Breath Away" -- The B-side, though, went to The Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin", as both songs were featured in the film "Top Gun", and that's that. Still a little weird though.

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