Of course it went to Number One! --  A Kiss-off indeed! -- Is this really the "Ultimate Icon" list? Welcome to your Friday Coffee Break Calendar...

John Lennon
John, June 1967. (Photo: Peter King/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

9/18/1975 (45 years ago today) - It actually started out as the B-side, but DJ's went "Wait a minute...": One hit wonders Wild Cherry started a three week run at No. 1 with the too-catchy-to-hate classic single "Play That Funky Music" (works every time, dunnit?). Click on here for more classic tracks that were released as flip-sides, only to have their fortunes flipped over.

9/18/1983 (37 years ago today) - It's okay, you can admit it, this was a dumb-ass thing for 'em to do: To promote the just released album "Lick It Up"for the very first time ever, Kiss appeared without make-up for their interview on MTV. A cringe-worthy delight or a monumental tribute to unbridled stupidity? You be the judge:

9/18/2012 (8 years ago today) - In a survey of more than 160,000 readers, pseudo-legendary U.K. music magazine NME named John Lennon as "Rock's Ultimate Icon" -- Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher placed second, followed by David Bowie, Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys(!?!?) and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Well, they call soccer "football", too... 

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