Happy Birthday to one of the Gods of Rock and Roll!  Roger Daltrey lead singer of The Who, turns 73 today. He was born on March 1, 1944 in London.  His legendary career as a singer, songwriter and actor has been built to last, for more than 50 years. Roger and Pete Townshend's most recent big shows were at Desert Trip in October and they are doing some UK shows this Spring with a focus on the rock opera, Tommy. Pete Townshend has said that they might be done, so it's encouraging to see these dates are happening. Long Live Rock…we need it every night!

Desert Trip - Weekend 2 - Day 3
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Join us tonight at 6:20 for the incredibly powerful vocals of the one and only Roger Daltrey with The Who!

Listen to how gutsy and awesome Roger sounds on Baba O’Riley…vocals only!

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