Today we celebrate one of the most beautiful women in rock! I had a wicked crush on her in the 70s and I gotta say she still makes me feel all funny in my belly.  Happy Birthday to the incredibly talented and super gorgeous Nancy Wilson of Heart! She joined the band after they had been together a couple of years in 1974.

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Her big sister Ann had been bugging her to join, but the guys in the band weren’t sold on the idea. Legend has it that her audition was to learn the challenging Yes song The Clap which she immediately mastered and officially got her in the band.

She’s 63 today and still kicking ass with the band she joined when she was 20.

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We count 9 visits to Maine from Heart over the years, with 8 shows at the Civic Center in Portland and 1 at the Ballpark in OOB.

Join us tonight at 6:20 for live Heart on the WBLM Mini-Concert!

Check this out. Nobody rocks an acoustic guitar and high kicks like Nancy.