"Seein' ghosts" wasn't exactly 'butt-fumble,' but it was one of the most Jets thing ever.

The New England Patriots wore their white/road uniforms and convinced a rattled Sam Darnold he was seeing ghosts. However, there are many spirits in New England, and here are 5 places the Jets quarterback (or anyone) might find one.

5.  Pine Hill Cemetery: This Hollis, New Hampshire graveyard dates back to the 1700's. The name reportedly comes from the ghost who is believed to be haunting the graveyard, Mr. Abel Blood. Hence the nickname, Blood Cemetery.

4. Danvers State Hospital: In the Salem, Massachusetts area lies this hospital which dates back to 1874, where Salem Witch Trials Judge John Hathorne once lived. According to Haunted Rooms, there was a distinct lack of adequate care and treatment. Oh, and people live there now. In 2005, it was turned into an apartment complex.

3. Fairfireld Inn: There are many places one can stay in the resort town of Kennebunk, Maine. However, if you're in for a real thrill, you may want to zero in on the former home of Captain James Fairfield. Fairfield died at the young age of 38, and has been known to scare up the guests on a regular basis.

2. The Paine House: Okay, just the name sends chills. Not the House of Pain, but Paine. The building, in Coventry, Rhode Island has gained the reputation of housing multiple active spirits, particularly one young girl. According to Haunted Rooms, investigators have managed to catch her voice as an EVP and have witnesses her moving a rocking chair on command.

1. Lizzie Borden House: No surprise this Fall River, Massachusetts landmark continues to top the list of haunted attractions. First, there's the well documented axe filled story.  According to Haunted Rooms, guests at this preserved bed and breakfast have awoken with scars all over their body. YIKES!

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