We found this interesting story on the Topsham Happenings Facebook page. 

It comes from a man named Ronald who got his home egged this week, That's always a bummer. Not really dangerous or anything but just really disrespectful and a pain in the keester to clean up. What Ronald did next was one of the coolest things we've seen all week. He gave someone a second chance.

"I want to give the individual(s) the opportunity to deliver two bottles of quality siding wash to my porch before bringing photo/video of them to the Topsham PD. You obviously know which home to go to. Your car is on camera and your actions will be held accountable. I'm willing to let bygones be bygones if you can man up and deliver the cleaner. Or we can go the vandalism route with the PD. Your choice."

How rare is that? Instead of just cleaning up the mess himself or going straight to the police, Ronald challenged the person to come back and make it right. And I do believe that Ronald would honor his challenge. That he wouldn't still go to the police. I bet Ronald is the kind of guy that might even pitch in and help the perpetrator. Maybe even make a new friend.

With the wild week we've had in the US, maybe it's time you give someone a second chance. Or maybe you need to ASK someone for a second chance and make it right with them. Making things right. Asking for, and giving, forgiveness. That's powerful stuff. And we need more than a little of that right now. So thanks, Ronald. You gave us a little bit of light this week. We hope the guy shows up. Either way, we hope you get that nasty egg off your home!

It will be interesting to see what happens next.  Will the culprit show up or is Ronald going to have to go to the cops?




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