If you were planning on a visit to soak in the popular beauty of Falmouth by the sea this week, you'll have to reschedule your trip.

Town Landing in Falmouth, Maine and the beach area there has been closed to the public after diesel spill from a boat coming ashore on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the fishing boat leaked an unknown amount of fuel.

Authorities are working together to determine the extent of poisoning. They say the beach will be closed until water quality testing is done after "several tide cycles".


"A 35-foot fishing boat coming ashore spilled an unknown amount of diesel fuel on the northern beach of Town Landing in #FalmouthME this morning. The Falmouth Police Department is working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which is on the scene to assess the damage and to assist in cleaning the area. Because of the contamination of the shoreline, DEP has recommended closing the beach until several tide cycles are completed and the water quality is tested. The Falmouth Police Department, along with the U.S. Coast Guard, is investigating the incident. For the safety of users, water testing of this area will be increased and monitored before the beach will re-open."

The Town of Falmouth "will continue to update residents on this issue in future e-alerts updates and via social media."

Here's the update from their official Facebook page with a couple more photos.

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