Maine has a long deep history of folklore, from the rugged coast line with stories of ships and wars with Native Americans. There are also a never ending mirage of stories about hauntings and strange happenings in our great state.

However, one story that seems to grip me, fascinate me, and frighten me all at the same time is the accounts of eyewitnesses in Maine who claimed to have come in contact with a Bigfoot like creature right here in Maine. There's even a relatively new book about it by Michelle Souliere, titled: "Bigfoot In Maine"

Michelle Souliere

According to an article in the SunJournal, Souliere has been following up on Bigfoot sightings in Maine for over 15 years.

Souliere, who also pens a blog titled "Strange Maine" is no stranger to unusual happenings in the great state of Maine but, with the subject of Bigfoot in Maine, Michelle really wanted to connect with those people who had first hand encounters.

The sightings and evidence for the existence of Bigfoot in Maine is almost hard to ignore. All over the state there are very similar accounts that simply can't be explained any other way.

You can reach out to Michelle via email at And you can check out her many well researched investigations around the state at her blog site by CLICKING HERE. You can also pick-up a signed copy of Michelle's book by CLICKING HERE.

Michelle Souliere
Michelle Souliere

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