According to WCSH, President Trump is once again using Aerosmith's music at his rallies. Trump has received two cease-and-desist letters from the band in the past, he knows he's poking the bear.

President Trump cranked, "Livin' On The Edge" at a rally in West Virginia this week and Steven Tyler's legal team is taking the gloves off for the THIRD time claiming trademark infringement.

Steven Tyler has had C&D letters served to the president in August and October of 2015 because he was using "Dream On" during his campaign rallies without permission. Steven's lawyer claims that Trump is deceiving people by implying an affiliation or endorsement of him from the band. Not true, Steven Tyler doesn't want his music associated with any political campaign.

Can you imagine Hillary playing Ted Nugent's "Free For All" at her rallies?!

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Enjoy this live Aerosmith, regardless of your political affiliation!

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