Oh how we love that life giving cup of 'Joe' in the morning. Or maybe you even like to get sip some in the afternoon to help get you to the finish line of another workday.

If you are like your friends here at the Blimp, you absolutely must as Tommy C says "get hopped up on the mighty, mighty bean" everyday.

I personally cannot get my brain firing on all cylinders until I've poured that first cup down my gullet. I'm also much friendlier once I've gotten my coffee into me. Sound familiar?

Well it's time to officially celebrate the beverage that gives us so much love. Let's love it back today as we recognize the magic drink that never fails to helps us get ramped up and ready to tackle whatever we're faced with on NATIONAL COFFEE DAY.

Our friends at Dunkin have a great way we can observe this fantastic java-loving holiday.

According to the Dunkin Facebook page, folks can get themselves a "medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase" on Tuesday September 29.  Get all the extra details below.

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