According to News Center Maine, some pharmacy students at the University of New  England are getting hands on experience with veterinary medicine by volunteering to care for sick cats.

HART of Maine Adoption Center and Shelter for Cats is currently providing a home for over 60 cats, many of them have been rescued and come from all over the state. Because they are rescues, they sometimes need medical care before being adopted. More than a half dozen freshman students from U.N.E. are volunteering 20 hours a week of their time to help the shelter and to gain great experience. Some students might even decide to pursue veterinary pharmacy after their time with HART.

The students have committed to volunteering during the remainder of their time at U.N.E., 20 hours a week over the next few years until they graduate.

The U.N.E. students are learning lot about using syringes on animals and administering antibiotics, insulin, IV bags for hydrations and much more.

In the end, the kitties are healthy enough to be adopted into their forever homes.

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