If you are in a committed relationship and sharing space with a SO, then you understand the importance of the closet culling. My latest culling was triggered by Mark's avocado shirt. This shirt was purchased 14 years ago and used to be a different color green. Not only is it faded, but the neck is worn and the cuffs are frayed. I took it out of the dryer for the one millionth time and as I started to automatically put it on a hanger, I stopped myself. In my outdoor voice, in the privacy of my own home, I shouted to no one in particular, "No! I will not put this fashion abomination back into the rotation!"

That single decision lead to a week long closet culling that resulted in the elimination of approximately half of my husband's wardrobe.


I also looked at my own fashion shortcomings and accepted that I will never again fit into my jeans from 1992. I also donated all of the online shopping mistakes that have been waiting to be returned over the past three years. I am not good at returning clothes, especially if I need to mail them.

All of my hard work resulted in an organized closet. We even hung Mark's flannel shirts.


Share your closet culling stories. How many bags or totes did you drag out of there? Throw away something that you shouldn't have? Comment on our Fan Page.