Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started two weeks ago, millions of people around the world have been looking for ways to show their support for the beleaguered people of the country.

Last week, for example, we learned about a marine from Maine who was showing his support by running a 5K a day while carrying a Ukrainian flag.  Millions of other people are flying Ukrainian flags at their houses to show support and / or made donations to non-profits providing aid to the people of Ukraine.

According to News Center Maine, a Skowhegan company is giving people a chance to do both those things at the same time.

1901 Maine Flag has seen a massive increase in the demand for the yellow and blue flag.  In addition to getting a flag they can fly in support of the people of Ukraine, the purchase of a flag from 1901 Maine Flag will provide the Ukrainians with monetary support.

According to the management of the company, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the flags will be donated to Central World Kitchen.

Store president Bill Swain said:

They are already on the ground feeding people, and we figured that's the fastest way that people's money can have a real impact. We figured we could do some of the labor here and get these out there so people can show their support for the Ukrainian people.


The hand-made flags come in three sizes: 2x3' for $18, 3x5' for $29, and 5x8' for $52.

Get more information and order your flag from their website.

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