Yea...I agree.


The Taste of Home put Val's Drive-In on Sabattus Street in Lewiston on the list of the best old school drive-ins in the whole country. is!


According to the Sun Journal, the owner Chris Lawrence is pretty happy they made the top 20. The Val in Val's is Chris' grandfather who started the drive-in back in the '70s. They were an A&W Rootbeer and went off on their own. Even making their own root beer. The root beer is amazing.

Plus, they have great prices and deals all the time, like BOGOs. And who doesn't love a place ya pull up in your car, flip the lights on and someone comes to you to take your order from your car window...where they also put your food.

Last weekend, Val’s held its fifth annual hamburger eating contest, according to the Sun Journal, and the goal is to see how fast you can down 6 hamburgers.

The champ (again) was Eric Davin who ate 6 in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, the newspaper stated. Hope it was two for one day.

If you've never been to Val's, hurry up! They close at the end of September for the season and they are open limited days! Congrats to Val's for being what we already knew, one of the best in the whole country!

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