A woman on an overpass recorded a Maine State Trooper using his vehicle to stop a car that was leading a high-speed chase on the highway.

Who Recorded the Video?

The video is scary, even before the Trooper uses the PIT maneuver to end the chase. Samantha Sebastyanski caught the chase Tuesday afternoon on video and posted it to her Facebook page.  A Ford Focus can be seen traveling at a high rate of speed on the Maine Turnpike, in the Wells area. Following the car are several Maine State Police Troopers with their lights and sirens (we assume - there is no sound in the video) activated, trying to get Travis Moseley of Portsmouth, New Hampshire to pull over. At one point, it appears that the driver of a cement mixer may be trying to help police force the vehicle into a weigh station. From the angle of the overpass, it looks like the Focus nearly hit a cruiser in order to bypass the cement mixer, which may be why the police decided it was time to end the pursuit.

What's On the Video?

Forty-three seconds into the video, you can see the cruiser brush against the side of the Focus, forcing it into a partial spin, which propels it directly in front of the cruiser.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says the pursuit began in New Hampshire, where Travis Moselely, 23, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire allegedly rammed an NH State Police cruiser and a Rochester Police cruiser. New Hampshire State Police stopped pursuing the vehicle, as speeds reached dangerous levels. A short time later, he was seen driving northbound on Route One in Wells, Maine, where he led Maine State Police on a pursuit and then entered the Maine Turnpike.

What Charges Does the Driver Face?

The chase finally ended through a combination of a tire deflating device and the PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver. Moseley was taken into custody on outstanding federal warrants and charged by the Maine State Police for eluding arrest, driving to endanger, and criminal speed. Additional charges are expected.

No one was hurt in the incident and no other vehicles sustained damages other than two police cruisers.

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