The story that I'm about to tell you is a strange one, it all started with my friend Jess finding this bumper sticker at the Fort Andros Flea Market in Brunswick.


I was intrigued! First, because someone was still using a typewriter and I think that's cool. Secondly, who is the mystery collector and where did these come from? My search led me to this mullet-sporting dude named Chaz. I had questions...

Vintage BLM bumper sticker

My questions were answered when he reminded me off this post that I did a while back about finding BLM bumper stickers on eBay:

"Where to Buy a WBLM T-Shirt and Vintage WBLM 108 Bumper Stickers!

WBLM 108 bumper stickers

this listing for WBLM 108 bumper stickers on Ebay!


100% Positive feedback


Item condition:
US $19.99
Item location:
Sabattus, Maine, United States
Estimated on or before Tue. May. 30 “
A nice piece of memorabilia, at a decent price too! How many BLM shirts do you have? Do you have one of our neon clocks? I have WBLM shoe laces and a WBLM thong! Beat that! Here’s where to go to buy the most current Blimp shwag, the WBLM Rock Shop!
I have 5 BLM coffee cups and I’m eyeing the baseball cap."
So, about 5 minutes after I posted that, Chaz saw it and bought the bumper stickers. I went back to buy them and they were gone! Now I found myself negotiating to buy them at an inflated priced from an enterprising brand new high school graduate. Chaz had more Blimp stickers, so I offered to bundle them and get at least a little bit of a deal. I reminded him that I am Celeste From WBLM. Yes, that's my first, middle and last name!
Here is the collection that I was dickering over:
bumper stickers

BTW, there is not a more Mainer word than dickering. Overall the Fort Andros Flea Market really does have a rock and roll vibe. I bought my copy of Sticky Fingers there, complete with a hippie dick-pic DIY project that is revealed when you unzip the working zipper on the album cover. The beads decorating it are the WBLM Rosary, which are really just part of our broken blinds. I like the way it looks though.

Sticky Fingers

This booth is very cool, it's called Vinyl Junkie and this guy talks music all weekend long. He's always playing very cool music that I'm unfamiliar with, but that I enjoy shopping to.

Vinyl Junkie

In the end Chaz cut me the deal, but only on the condition that he gets to come into the station sometime for a tour. I think he just wants to pick up more of our bumper stickers. Smart kid.

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