Shoveling snow is hard on our bodies and even the fittest people should pace themselves and take breaks when clearing walkways and driveways. There are many seniors and people with mobility issues living all over Maine that need help cleaning up snow filled walkways.

The Age-Friendly Portland Steering Committee is looking for volunteers in several neighborhoods to shovel out seniors. Not only does it allow those with mobility problems to get to their doctors appointments and get groceries, but it's also much needed social interaction and a reminder that their community cares for them. Isolation among seniors is at it's worst this time of year and a smiling face from a volunteer can make someone's day. Portland residents can call Linda Weare at the Portland Office of Elder Affairs at (207)-541-6620, or send an email to

South Portland has a similar program where volunteers deliver buckets of sand to the homes of the elderly and neighbors with mobility issues. The Age-Friendly South Portland Committee has delivered over 250 buckets of sand to make walkways and driveways safer. Call the South Portland Public Works Dept. at (207)-767-7635 or shoot an emailt to to volunteer or request sand.

No matter where you live, keep an eye out for neighbors who may need your help and check in on them, especially during bad weather.

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