It's icy and snowy and just the right conditions for you to go ass over tea kettle here in Maine and New Hampshire. Not only do penguins have a distinguished style, but they know how to navigate slippery terrain. Here are some tips from my favorite flightless birds:

  • Obviously stick to cleared walkways whenever you can.
  • Be aware that even treated surfaces can be slippery, that's why the walking lesson from the penguins. Don't have a false sense of security because you see a little sand.
  • Wear a back pack to carry your stuff. Being hands free is key to walking like a penguin.
  • Penguins don't walk with their hands in their pockets and neither should you. Place your arms out to the side to help keep your balance and to be ready to break a fall.
  • Point your feet out like Chilly Willy and gently waddle to keep your feet in contact with the ground as much as possible.
  • Wear boots and shoes that are made for slick conditions and that provide traction. Rounded rubber soled footwear is not a great choice on ice.
  • Getting in and out of our vehicles can be dangerous. So take extra care to avoid wipe-outs. Listen to the woman who slipped getting out of her car with a tray of deviled eggs for her second grader's school holiday party. I broke my ankle in three places and I can now tell you when it's going to snow or rain depending on my achy ankle.

Maybe you are more of a visual learner:

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