If you prefer the brutal cold that we had last week and dressing like the person above, you're not going to like this. Chances are pretty good that a frigid painful temperature isn't your favorite thing though.

Maybe you're one of those Mainers who decided to leave the jacket behind when you stepped outside for lunch yesterday. It was pretty awesome.


So, we think you'll be happy see what we just came across from our friend Keith Carson of News Center Maine. He posted this warming news on his official Facebook page yesterday predicting a mild weather pattern that could last for weeks ahead.

For those of you looking at this and feeling bummed that there won't be more snow anytime soon, Keith had this to say in the comment section of his post.

Keith Carson via Facebook
Keith Carson via Facebook

The above normal temperatures for this week certainly reflect what Keith Carson showed us with that EURO model graphic. We might as well get outside and enjoy the fresh air while we can. That arctic air that hurts our faces could return later this winter, right?

Here are some predicted temps for the week and some of this early morning's recorded temps from the National Weather Service in Gray.

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