What better way to get pumped for this year’s Old Port Festival then to experience it through the eyes of dog…well, kinda. A couple years ago, a GoPro was strapped to the back of Bruce the Bulldog. It's a very cool perspective of all the street-fun in sun. We are greeted by lots of folks reveling in the Old Port made sure they stooped to greet Bruce, cause after all who can resist giving an adorable bulldog a little scratch behind the ears!

This is the 44th year of celebrating the arrival of summer in Portland. The 2017 Old Port Festival is Sunday June 11 from 11am to 5pm. It starts with a parade that features the annual appearance of humongous puppets and wacky stilt-walkers from Shoestring Theater and the new addition of the Mammoth Rock Chorus (local kids performing rock and pop songs we know and love...cool!) We can't wait to dive in to such amazing food, Maine artwork, and incredible live music! It'll be wicked bright and hot, so don't forget your sunscreen and water bottle.

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