It's probably hard to imagine me being on-air anywhere else than WBLM. Believe it or not, there were other radio stations in my history before the dream gig at the Blimp.  The first full-time position was at WWMR in Rumford in 1986. I hosted the night show there for about a year. The benchmark of the broadcast was something called the "Dedication Party". Weeknights at 7 o'clock, I'd open up the phones to play songs like The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera and send them out to "Bobby" from "Kelly" as a profession of adolescent affection for all to hear. A huge contingent of our listeners were in Colebrook, New Hamphire on the border to Vermont. The popularity of the "Dedication Party" gave way to being asked to DJ dances at the High School over there. Needless to say, there were countless trips to Colebrook. Traveling there meant going through Dixville Notch. The best part of that long drive was going by the historic Balsams Resort. It struck me like a scene from the Swiss Alps. Find out why I say that, when you see this breathtaking drone video shot by our friends at Yesah Digital.

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