Being a very big fan and supporter of this band since they first played Portland almost 30 years ago at T-Birds on Marginal Way, I have to say I have mixed feelings about this reunion that many (including me) never thought would happen.

While I am pleased to see that it appears that Chris and Rich Robinson are happy together as brothers and band mates, I can't help but miss the other guys that made the Black Crowes great along with them.

Steve Gorman on drums from the very beginning, Johnny Colt and Sven Pipien on bass, Jeff Cease, Marc Ford, and Audley Freed on guitar, and the late great Eddie Harsch on keyboards.

While I certainly mean no disrespect to the other unmentioned players in the recent past or currently, the people mentioned above are the ones who together with brothers created something very special that will live on in my record collection as powerfully as for instance The Stones, Zeppelin, Aerosmith.

Chris and Rich have decided to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their blockbuster debut, Shake Your Moneymaker by performing the album start to finish on tour next summer. I'm glad to see this important moment in rock history that we shared with Maine for the first time on WBLM in 1990 will be commemorated in 2020.

The band that the brothers have assembled sounds great. I get it. Chris and Rich have their reasons (that are really none of our business) on how they want this to go. I just wish there more original Crowes joining the reunion...especially founding member Steve Gorman.

Maybe that'll happen for us hardcore fans if they celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion in 2023. I'll keep dreaming. 

I gotta say it is moving and nostalgic to see Chris and Rich Robinson play this song together again. Here's She Talks to Angels from The Bowery Ballroom in New York City last night.


They played Shake Your Moneymaker in its entirety and finished with a cover of The Rolling Stones It's Only Rock n' Roll. Here's the whole setlist.


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