Def Leppard and Journey are on a humongous co-headlining North American tour this summer. It launched with an incredible blast like we've never seen before on Monday night in Hartford, Connecticut.


This tour is in support of the long-awaited release of Def Leppard's lexicon digitally and for streaming. The crowd was whipped into an anticipatory frenzy as giant (almost U2 level) screens scrolled through the covers of their 4 decade catalog like the opening of Star Wars. There's was also a welcome from two NASA astronauts miles and miles above.

All this with the opening drums of Rocket from Hysteria thundering and building the excitement to a fever pitch. If this doesn't get you psyched for the Fenway show in Boston in August, we can't help you. Thanks to YouTube user squintyt4e for the great video!


And oh yeah. The band's first night performance is amazing! Joe sounds great. The guys are all on point. Our only suggestion, Phil Collen should put a shirt on. This guy is 60 and making all dudes look bad...ha,ha!

Check this out! A to Z (Like You've Never Heard It Before) starts Monday June 4. We have no idea when it will end. But when it does, we'll have tickets to the Def Leppard/Journey show at Fenway up for grabs! This looks to be THE concert of 2018!

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