What we have here is a seemingly harmless video someone shot of their trip to the coastline in Maine. A redditor named wherethefoodsleeps searched Portland, Maine on YouTube and this came up with a small amount of views. Again, it starts harmless, a guy walking his dog, some beautiful scenery along the Eastern Prom in Portland and then at about the :40 mark, things take a turn. Like a "Down Goes Frazier" kind of turn.

So a couple quick observations from us. One, we certainly hope this guy is ok because to be honest, that sounded like a pretty nasty spill. Two, we actually believe he has a good sense of humor because why else would you actually post this on YouTube? Third, can't imagine that dog lapping up salt water was good for bowels and while bandaging up some wounds, this guy probably also spent some time mopping up some wet stuff.

Oh, and make sure to have the volume up while watching this. Adds to the ambience.

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