I've spent my entire life here in Maine and never realized just how unusual some of our town names/counties/landmarks are. I say that having grown up in the Damariscotta (Dam-ruh-scott-uh) area.

I remember going to a concert at the Maine Savings Ampitheater years ago and the artist kept saying Bangor like "Banger". I was so confused. How could he get that wrong?! Then someone explained that "parlor" is pronounced "parler".

The more unusual names come from our Native American history so I can't fault this guy from Florida too much for failing miserably in his attempts to pronounce our towns.

Presumably, a friend of TikToker @xoxkaitlyn who uploaded the video, this guy is equal parts baffled, and maybe a bit impressed with our wicked hard words.

Before watching see if you can make it through the list. I know some Mainers who would certainly struggle with Mooselookmeguntic.

[Some NSFW language]

@xoxkaitlynNow it’s Florida meets Maine names ##fyp♬ original sound - Kaitlyn 💟

Again, I can't blame the guy for trying!

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10 Maine Towns Out-of-Staters Can't Pronounce Correctly

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