A sure sign of spring in Blimpville is our annual Maine Maple Sunday. Dozens of sugar shacks and farms are having open houses once again, to celebrate and demonstrate how it’s made.  Get ready to sample delicious Maine maple syrup on pancakes, ice cream and more. It’s  fun tradition for the whole family, that has become one of the biggest days of the year in our state. Maine Maple Producers has a full list of farms and sugar shacks and a fancy map to get you from heah to theah. You'll find great Maine Maple Syrup recipes on the site as well...mmmmmmm!!!

Oh yeah...and what about the beer? Find out in this wicked decent video from our friends at Yesah Digital telling the story of the new Maple Sunday Brown Ale from Portland's Lone Pine Brewing. In Maine, we love our craft brews and we love our maple syrup. So, this was really inevitable!

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