Yeah it's snowing today, but Mainers here in the southern part of the state haven't had a very good season of sledding so far. You gotta head further north if  you really wanna braapp, braapp! These snowmobilers recently did just that and went on an adventure to the Moosehead Lake region. When they arrived, they were humbled by the site of an historic Maine tragedy.  54 years ago, a US Air Force B-52 bomber crashed on Elephant Mountain near Moosehead Lake. There's a memorial stone at the site for the 7 who lost their lives that day. The pilot and navigator survived. In the video, we see the cockpit wreckage reverently decorated with flags from folks who've visited. Big thanks to YouTube channel, Captain John's Bar for posting this video for us to explore. They even added in some footage from last fall so that we can get a better look without the snow.

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