That handsome fellow pictured above is Isaac Crabtree. He is science teacher in the Moosehead region of Maine at Greenville High School.

He is also, as you will soon see, blessed with an amazing eye for capturing magical moments that celebrate the natural beauty of our state.

Isaac Crabtree does aerial videos and photography using drones. His work is likely the best I've ever seen here in Maine. The color and light in his photos and videos is outstanding.

Well Isaac strikes again with another capture of something breathtaking to behold. The magical moment of annular solar eclipse also known as the "ring of fire" solar eclipse happened on Thursday June 10, 2021. From our point of view here on Earth, the moon passes in front of the sun partially blocking it making the sun look like a cookie with a bite taken out of it. In the video, it transforms into the Cheshire Cat smile floating across the sky.

If you were like me, then you weren't fortunate enough to witness it. It happened early in the morning while this guy was still tucked in

Lucky for us, Isaac Crabtree made a marvelous time-lapse video of the "ring of fire' over Maine. He claims it won't "live up to the actual experience." While that may be true, we sure are glad to have this to enjoy. Just gorgeous!

You can see more of Isaac's pictures at his website.

And be sure to follow his North Woods Aerial Facebook page as he posts new photos from Maine almost daily.

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