According to Bangor Daily News, French filmmaker Lena Friedrich has released a documentary on one of Maine's most low-key celebrities, the North Pond Hermit.

"The Hermit - The True Legend of The North Pond Hermit," is available to watch for free on Vimeo. Bangor Daily News reports that Christopher Knight, AKA The North Pond Hermit, was never interviewed during Friedrich's visit to Maine with her small film crew in 2013. The film focuses instead on the community of North Pond and features interviews with some of his victims.

For years the legend of The North Pond Hermit was just that, but over 27 years of pilferring from camps and homes in the area, it became obvious that their was a thief in their midst. An unsettling discovery that caused people to not want to spend the night at their camps or to spend time alone there. People spend a lot of hard earned money to afford a camp.

Also impacted was the non-profit Pine Tree Camp which provides a barrier-free setting to adults and children with disabilities to enjoy activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, boating and much more. It's not nice to steal from a non-profit operating on a tight budget. The Pine Tree Camp is where the hermit was finally nabbed while stealing food on April 13, 2013.

The Bangor Daily News article went on to say that Christopher Knight confessed to more than 1,000 burgleries over 27 years while he lived in the woods by North Pond. He served a 7-month jail sentence as part of a plea agreement. Can you imagine going from being a hermit to being the topic of a book and a movie?

I found the film to be informative and even entertaining. The colorful locals share that the hermit did not care for Miller Light or home baked goods. He would steal batteries, but not the flashlight.

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